Dec 102013

We have moved!

We are now at a great new venue at ‘Coventry Boys Club’. We train in any one of three rooms. A large sports hall, a matted and mirrored room, and the boxing gym area complete with ring, several kick bags and lots of equipment.

We run our usual range of classes which inlcude:
Stretch and Tone – A class designed to improve your flexibility, core strength and tone.

Tae Kwon-Do – We run classes for adults and children

Body Conditioning – *NEW* Relaunched at our new venue is the popular Body Conditioning class. This class is open to non-members. This class is a general fitness and conditioning class using all manner of equipment.

Friday night fight club – this is a specialised mixed martial arts club where we train in floor work, take downs and sparring. The class aims to develop your skills technically and practically.